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at what they described as "cuts by stealth".

A spokesman blamed "competition" from Southampton General Hospital for the lack of qualified nurses willing to work in Hythe.

A spokesman said: "If it's true that this step has been taken because of staffing level problems, it's absolutely astonishing that it should be done in such Fendi Large Hobo a sudden and secretive way, with no hint

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However, the decision has sparked fears for the hospital's future following previous staff shortages and the consequent loss of key facilities on the site.

Beds at the hospital will be closed when the eight existing patients are well enough to go home. People requiring rehabilitation will be taken to Lymington New Forest Hospital and Fordingbridge Hospital.

County councillor Brian Dash said: "First we lost the minor injuries unit, then they took away the maternity unit and now they're fiddling with the main hospital. It's got to stop."

Dave Smith, chairman of Hythe and Parish Fendi Bag Cost

Council, was also scathing.

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Asked why it was not possible to transfer nurses from other hospitals, the spokesman said there was no spare capacity.

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Hythe Hospital closure fears From Daily Echo

She added: "We can deploy agency staff but they would not be employees of HCHC and may not have the right level of understanding of our policies, procedures and standards."

HCHC said it had spent 18 months attempting to tackle a growing staff shortage at the complex.

The HCHC says the ban on new admissions is only temporary.

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Last night Hythe councillors hit out Peekaboo Fendi Men

"Unless something huge has suddenly happened, the only conclusion one can reach is that they've acted in an underhanded way in the middle of an election campaign, when everyone's attention is

I hope the situation is resolved very quickly."

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He said: "The hospital is Hythe and Dibden's memorial to people killed in the two world wars and is highly valued by the local community. Fendi Monster Bag Fur

distracted. I do hope I'm wrong about this."

or warning to anyone.

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