Fendi Card Case

Fendi Card Case

Fendi Card Case

"I would love to fix up bikes full time, though."

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them too.

At this stage Mr Holden and Mr Macintosh fix up the bikes in their spare time as they both work in other industries.

Fendi Card Case

"I do more the painting and electrics and Shaugh does the engine work," he said.

"Aesthetically they can look pretty great if you do it right."

"We aren't just building the bikes; we are riding Fendi Clutch Bag Price

Mr Holden said he liked the appeal of older bikes as opposed to ones made in the present day.

Idle Fendi Bags Men

"It is a great scene to be Fendi Card Case a part of because a lot of bike builders around the state share their ideas with each other.

"They also looked a lot better.

"I suppose with the older motorcycles, there was no plastic," he said.

Fendi Card Case

Fendi Card Case

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"It's a popular, at the moment, to renovate cafe racers," he said.

Fendi Card Case

They became familiar with a company named Deus Ex Machina in New South Wales who were doing something similar to what interested them, with inspiration coming also from a Vimeo clip titled Cafe Cowboy which tells the story of Californian bike builder Dustin Knott.

Mr Holden said he had an interest in all the elements of a motorbike, though he only does a small amount of the mechanics on the bikes.

the culture of upgrading old motorcycles was becoming more popular in Bendigo.

"They were better made and sturdier back then.

"There are five of us in Bendigo who ride together. We just enjoy tinkering and riding the state, cafe to cafe.

Fendi Card Case

"We have done five or six bikes from scratch and we sell them all over that state," Mr Holden said.

Fendi Card Case

"That is why it is so enjoyable."

Fendi Card Case

Fendi Card Case

"We also take on small alterations to bikes.

Mr Holden said Fendi Peekaboo Lace Up

tinkering turns to passion for racers

"It is all leather or steel.

"I am an electrician and work full time.

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